Long Code/ Short code/Toll Free

Long Code: Also known as PULL SMS Service, which act as a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. Long codes helps organization in generating leads on sales, online survey’s etc. Client can also simplify messaging experience with the use of shared and dedicated long codes that enable two-way communication at ease.

Short Codes are the easiest way businesses can send and receive SMS at scale with a higher reach to customer on LOW expenditures. Short Code service is perfect for time sensitive info that needs to reach huge audiences. Easy, low-cost way for customers and prospects to contact customers instantly.

Toll Free: Netxcell offers Toll Free Services that let’s your customers call you for free. This service allows a new functionality in charging, a call to a service subscriber will be paid by the called party. All charges are levied on the service subscriber by making service for free of cost to the calling user.