Our Group
Prathima Group is a diverse, multi-disciplinary business entity with interests spanning across Health Care (Prathima Hospitals), Energy (Elgen), Infrastructure (Prathima Infrastructure Ltd), Manufacturing (Prathima Industries), Telecommunications and e- Governance (Netxcell), Entertainment (Prathima Multiplex) and Hospitality( Prathima Regency) and has around 4000+ employees. 
Boinipally Srinivas Rao, Chairman
The group Chairman, Shri Boinipally Srinivas Rao is a self made man. With interests ranging from technology to healthcare, education, hospitality, infrastructure and power - he is a leader with a vision. His philosophy in life is to add value to everything he does and Prathima foundation is a culmination of all the social initiatives and CSR activities of Prathima Group. We are proud to state that Shri Boinipally Srinivas Rao is truly the driving force behind our success.